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Nebraska Trusts and Estates Attorneys Building a Plan

With more than 100 years of combined experience, the attorneys at Douglas, Kelly, Ostdiek, Ossian, Vogl, and Snyder can help you with all aspects of your trusts and estates issues, including:

  • Estate planning
  • Estate tax issues
  • Executor’s duties
  • Guardianship
  • Conservatorships
  • Living wills
  • Living trusts
  • Probate Administration and Disputes
  • Probate and will disputes
  • Will drafting and execution

Probate and Estate Administration:

The attorneys in our firm handle probate and estate administration for our clients.  Probate is the process by which a person’s assets are transferred to his or her heirs upon their death.

Our goal with probate administration is to complete the probate process in an efficient and timely manner.  We believe the heirs of a deceased person are entitled to efficient administration of the probate estate so the assets of the estate are not “tied up” in probate for an unnecessary period of time.  We have the experience to accomplish this goal efficiently while making sure our clients are being advised of each of the essential steps in the process in a timely manner.

Once you make a decision to retain our firm, we will work efficiently and promptly to complete the probate process.  We will keep you informed of all important developments during the process and work to protect your interest and the wishes of the deceased.


A will is a legal document that carries out the wishes of an individual concerning ownership and distribution of the assets they have accumulated during their lifetime to their children or other heirs.  Appropriation of a carefully drafted will is critical in making sure an individual’s wishes are carried out at the time of their death.

The need for wills for individuals, especially individuals who have remarried with children, has never been more important with the blended families we see today.  It is critical that each spouse have their own will so their assets can be properly distributed to their children and other heirs.

Once you make a decision to retain our firm to assist you with your will and estate planning, we will work efficiently and promptly to accomplish your goals.  We will keep you informed of important steps in the process and will work to protect your interests.

Probate disputes:

A probate dispute aggravates the stress and pain of your emotional loss. When probate disputes arise, our attorneys are prepared to challenge an ambiguously or incorrectly executed will or defend your rights against disgruntled beneficiaries. Through our mediation skills, our attorneys can ease potential hostilities between family members throughout the emotionally charged process. We are equally ready to assertively fight for your beneficiary rights within the Nebraska probate court.

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